Your at!! :)
Me in West Virginia!
Meee! I cropped it so you didn't see my mommy:)

            Somethings you may not know (and want to know) about me...

My name is Olivia, I'm 12 years old, I have light brown hair, and gray eyes. My favorite colors are purple, teal, and black. I like to read, get on Youtube, and go to my friend's house. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats. Roxy and Brooklyn are the cats, and Bean and Cash are the dogs. 3/4 are in my slideshow. My computer is broken and my parents' computer doesn't have pics of Roxy. I really dislike school, but my favorite classes are art and writing. I play volleyball for my school, and i used to be a cheerleader for 4 years. My best friend is Taylor (on Youtube she's aussie6641, or WolfGirl6641. Me and Taylor like to make up words like flack (inside joke), lard, and other strange words. Right now I'm listening to remix's on the radio and they're mixing weird songs. :o. I honestly hate remix's but i really don't care at the moment:) My very favorite music artists are Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, P!nk, and Ke$ha. I REALLY hate Justin Bieber, and if i hear a song of his i cover my ears(litterally, i do.) If i were a wizard or a fairy I'd be all like "Ohh! This Bieber business mustn't go on any further! *ZAP!* Bieber Blast HA!!" and gone goes Justin... My favorite movies are The Last Song and the Twilight series (and others..). 
  I would have an older brother, but he died before he was born. My mom was 17 when she had me, but when she had my brother she was only 16. Don't say anything about it one Youtube, or i break you. I don't think i mentioned before (no, i didn't.) but i am 4ft 11in, and I am like sooo mean sometimes. If you just happen to talk to me when i only got 7 hours of sleep, stay out of my face. Anyway, i hope you enjoyed :) 
                        ~Liv <3